Leaving My Little Brother at College!

Well Yesterday was the day. Alex is officially a college student and has started his freshman year at Indiana Wesleyan University. He moved into a dorm that just finished being built and it is really awesome. We walked in while mom, dad, and Aaron were parking and we were greeted with a trumpet and a loud “Welcome to South Hall, John!” (they didn’t know he went by Alex and not John, but it was the thought that counts.) It was really cool. I got a little teary eyed at this point but I got it together before anyone saw me.
It is so hard to see him leave, but I know he is where the Lord wants him to be. I could not be more proud of Alex. This is a HUGE step for him. He will be pushed to the limits for an introvert and I know in four years he will be a new man. The Lord will use this time of discomfort to challenge and develop him into an even greater man of God. I look forward in four years to the time he walks across the stage at graduation and recognizes what he has accomplished.
If you are reading this and think of it please pray that I would be the best kind of support he could have from afar, as well as his greatest cheerleader. Also, pray I can keep the tears to a minimum. 🙂 Finally, pray that Alex will continue to step out in faith and keep his heart and mind open to how the Lord can use him.

My wedding day!

Myrtle Beach 5 years ago!
I just want to say again, Alex, I am so proud of you!!!

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