Christmas Season – Home and Indiana

OK…so it is time for me to play catch up. Eli and Aaron are both asleep so I have a little bit of time to myself. We had three different Christmases, here at home, with my family in Indiana and with Aaron’s family in Florida. All of them were so special because this time last year we were still driving back and forth to see out little boy in the NICU. So it was a wonderful season of celebration this year for more than just the Christmas holiday because we were all together.

We had our first Christmas at our little apartment in Kentucky. Since Aaron and I have been married we have always opened our gifts to one another alone before we went to either families house so we didn’t have to cart them around and it just made for a special time for us. So, we decided to continue doing that with Eli this year. We only got Eli two gifts because we knew that he didn’t really know what was happening this year and we have a little place that doesn’t hold a lot so we can’t handle much extra stuff. These are just a few photos from that day. Luckily my mom was in town for our friend Joey’s Seminary graduation so she could take some pictures for us.

He loved the boxes and wrapping paper as much as the walker we bought him.
The second Christmas was in Indiana. I was able to spend some quality time with Dottie, one of my girls. Dottie moved to Marion the first of December to be a graphic designer for Indiana Wesleyan so anytime we are in town to see the family we will get to see her! I didn’t take any pictures of my time with her, but I sure wish I would because she was very sneaky and surprised me by bring Jenelle McClean by the house one night to play games. It was such a fun night. I miss these girls so much and I am so proud of the women they are.
Our time in Indiana was short, but we packed a lot of living in. I spent time with the girls, we played lots of games, went to the IWU Christmas party, went to my grandparents for Christmas at their place, and opened gifts at my parent house all before flying out of Indianapolis for Florida.

Eli's place setting at Great-Grandma Jean's house


Grandma recorded him a book about Pooh. It made me very teary eyed. We will cherish that for years to come.

Eli got a wagon from Mom and Dad. He loved it. I didn't get any shots of him riding in it laughing, but this is him sitting on the box.

Again, Our time at home and Indiana was special. I love all the memories we are making.

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