Eli’s 1st Birthday

Let me first start by saying that I think 1st birthday’s seem very silly, but everyone insisted that it was an important one to celebrate. So…being the party planner that I claim to be, I threw a very festive first birthday. Eli is, as most of you know, really the size and 9 month baby so he isn’t really interested in most things that 1 year olds are. With that being said I had to think of things that little kids would enjoy, not including Eli. We had a photo booth with lots of props for people to dress up with. These are just a few of my favorites of the day.

The theme was “cute as a button” and I just went with bright primary colors to make it bright and fun. I made everything myself so be gracious is your judgment please. Two of my RAs, Bonnie and Haley were gracious enough to come and take all the pictures for me so that I could just enjoy the time with Eli and guests. So you can tell them how great they were when you see them. I am so thankful for both Haley, Bonnie, and all who encouraged me to have the party because I will cherish these pictures for a lifetime.

A few things we did to make the day special were a time capsule to be opened on his first birthday, birthday cards for every year to be sealed and opened on his birthday till he is 19, a time line of monthly pictures since his birth, the photo booth, a candy bar for guests and name cards placed with the food that corresponds to the special person in Eli’s life. You will see pictures of all of this below.

It was a very special day. I hope you have fun seeing just a few of the pictures from Eli’s big day.

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