2012 Resolutions

I have been pretty good about sticking with my resolutions in the past so I am hoping that this year the same will be true. So here they are.

1. Lose 20 pounds! I know. I know. People do weight goals all the time and don’t keep them, but I am hoping I can do it. I like the special K add that says, what do you want to gain? That is more the case for me. It is about losing the pounds but more about what I gain from losing them. Better health, joy, acceptance, hope, etc. The list is endless. I want to feel good about me and that is more the goal than meeting a specific number. The number is there to give me something tangible to work towards.

So now it is public and I cannot got back on it. Aaron is super encouraging and has a great system in place for me to stay optimistic.


2. Read through the bible. I wanted to do it last year and failed. I am part of the way through so that should give me a little buffer to start if I have some setbacks. I have loved the times that I have been faithful in reading. It brings be great joy and a foundation to my life so here is hoping this will be the year I complete it.


That is it! Two goals that I am hoping are attainable. Please feel free to keep me accountable. Also, I would like to blog more, but I am not making that an actual resolution, just a little thought on the side.


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