She’s Back!!!!

So I think it is easy to say as my bio states that I am in fact not a blogger. Considering it has been seven long months since I graced the pages of WordPress, it is official. I AM NOT A BLOGGER! It just doesn’t come naturally to me. I don’t particularly love writing, I have worrying about spelling, grammar, etc. Because all you crazies out there that like that stuff are going to be critiquing me while you read. All that to say, blogging is a bit intimidating to me for the very reason that the people who are in theory reading my blog because they care about me could also be criticizing me behind their computers. 

I have however decided to get over my fears and press on. There has been way too much going on in life not to update folks and I like having the record of our life somewhere since I am not currently able to scrapbook considering we are living in my parents basement (more on this later). I don’t have anything super astounding to share, I am not overly crafty, and I am certainly not a cook, but I am a mom, in a new place and I ALWAYS have crazy stories to share. So…consider this the re-release of my blog, Incredibly Average!

I know! It is so exciting you can hardly stand it, but I think we will all make it together. I hope in the next week or so to bring you all up to speed on our move to Indiana (yes we are Hoosiers now) as well as how our little man is doing (I know that is what you all really care about). Until then enjoy the unseasonable hot temperatures with a big glass of sweet tea in honor of my formerly southern roots. 

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