Going Away Party for the Wilkinsons

Our going away party was a highlight for us so I thought that I would devote a blog just to it. Student Development took me totally by surprise by inviting the whole campus community to say goodbye to both us and the Waggoner’s from the World Gospel Mission. There were so many great Faculty and Staff that showed up. They signed a matted photo of Kresge that we now have hanging in our room over our dresser. It was very special. I am terrible about taking pictures so I only have a few, but I still thought I would share them.

Again, sorry for the lack of pictures, but I was so focused on talking to people that I totally forgot to take pictures. These were taken by others and texted to me. Things that weren’t captured were Randy Troyer and Brock Hurtle teaching Eli to walk with Craisins, people sleeping on the couches, and Paul Niswander feeding Eli a pile of Cheerios. As you can see all of Eli’s entertainment revolves around food entirely.

In a totally different party the Res. Life staff and Admissions staffs went to lunch at ASUKA, my favorite restaurant in the area. It was a very sweet time with dear friends. I was an emotional wreck when I opened my gift and found not one, but two coach bags! I had never owned one and Paul knew I have always wanted one. His mom always told him that the best gift was the gift someone wouldn’t buy themselves. And he is RIGHT! I love them. I use them all the time.

Thanks again to everyone who came, cared for us in our time at Asbury and who are still praying for us now.

4 thoughts on “Going Away Party for the Wilkinsons

  1. I’m caught up on your blog 😉
    Also you will never overwhelm me with your need for friends or companionship. Just throwing that out there 😉 I really hope to introduce you to all the people I know (all 6 of them haha)

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