Nana and Papa Visit

Aaron Delane

On Sunday, July 8, my grandparents (Nana and Papa) came to visit and stayed through Saturday. I was so excited about this. I grew up half a block from Nana and Papa and love them so much. They both have such huge personalities and I want Eli to know them.

They kept Eli all week so he didn’t have to go to daycare.  Nana made some awesome southern comfort food and Papa told story after story. I was really happy that they got to meet and spend some time with Abby’s grandparents, the Mossburgs.

When Nana and Papa first arrived, they had their small poodle Jaq with them. Eli was terrified! He cried if he was even close to him. By the end of the week Eli was chasing Jaq around trying to pet him and grab his tail and Jaq was the one running away.

We didn’t take very…

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