Friday’s Fabulous Five

So, I have been inspired to start a new tradition! Friday’s Fabulous Five! As most of you know we moved to Indiana just shy of three months ago and we don’t have many friends, we are settling in and Eli has been sick all but three weeks of our time here. In light of all the crazy it is easy for me to only see the sad, lonely, and defeating situation in my current circumstance. With that being said every friday I am going to list the top five happenings of the week to help me focus on the GREAT things going on in my life!

Here we go…

5. We had a family reunion for my Mom’s Dad’s side of the family last Saturday. It was nice to see everyone. It was the first semi-cool day of the summer and was perfect weather for us all to sit in my parents backyard talking about family memories and updating each other on our lives. Eli loved running around and talking to everyone.

4. FREE tickets to the Brickyard 400! I was supposed to go with my dad and his family, but they were not able to come up to Indiana so Dad just sent me the tickets. After a series of unfortunate events and Eli having another 102 degree temperature I decided that it was not a good choice to use them. Instead of being sad about it, we gave the tickets to a family that have lost a few family members recently. Life is tough after deaths in a family and they are HUGE NASCAR fans so we thought it might be fun for them to get out of town and watch some racing. I hope that have a wonderful time watching fast cars, crazy drunk folks, and just enjoying time with one another. I know I will enjoy the time with my little boy and family just being at home.

3. Talking to Anna Mozley and Paul Niswander on the phone. It was just wonderful talking to friends that I love and care about. It is fun hearing what new things are happening in their lives. Though we are miles apart is a comfort to know that we still care tons about one another. Also, my texting with James Torell and Anna on Monday was pretty freaking funny, but I can’t share any further details in regards to that.

2. Going to Grantham, PA for a work trip! We fly out Monday and returned on Wednesday and got to see so much in between. I was on a site visit for next year’s NACCAP conference and I could not be more excited about Messiah College! The staff is top notch and so friendly. The facilities are wonderful and the surroundings are beautiful! Molly and I had a great time laughing, crying, talking, giggling, more giggling and did I say giggling together. She has been a good friend to me in this transition even if I am her, “boss”. Haha…that is just so funny to think. She is a blessing. I do have to add that coming home to my family was pretty great as well. I really missed my boys while I was gone.

1. The HUNTINGTON COUNTY 4-H Fair! What a trip! This was my first 4-H fair and one of our interns was the reining king and was showing hogs, sheep, and chickens. I had the famous Nick’s kitchen breaded tenderloin, a walking taco, and a chocolate shake. My other friend from work Lauren took me for lunch on Thursday and we split all the yummy food. I will say that I heard the shakes were made with goats milk and that really freaked me out! I was brave and drank it any who, but it was a bit scary for me.

So that is my week. I hope that you choose to pul-up your positive pants and strap on suspenders the way I am because it makes life a lot more fun, smiley and all together enjoyable.

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