Friday’s Fabulous Five 2

This week has been a good one. So it has honestly been tough to narrow down to five but here we go!

5. This has been a crazy productive week at work. My boss has been out traveling so I was left to manage a huge mailing of over 100 items to be shipped all over the country and I did it! Lauren and I worked our booties off and it really felt good to jump in not knowing a whole lot, but perfecting it. I learned how to UPS directly from the office and that will be amazing! I have three guys coming next week to help get another chunk done and I look forward to that.

4. I was on the radio! I am not sure if you knew this, but I am now a local celebrity. HAHAHA, not hardly, but I listen to WMEE 97.3 in the morning on my way into the office every day on my 25 minute commute and I have called in a couple of times and this time I decide to record it just in case and I WAS ON THE RADIO!!! Totally not a big deal, but it was fun. I need to ask Aaron to upload the video because I don’t know how so you can see it.

3. Eli has been healthy for almost a full week. We had to keep him home again this week not because he was sick, but because his school closes twice a year to clean their classrooms. Great to know it is a clean place but terribly inconvenient for working parents. Even in the midst of the inconvenience I can see the blessing. We have had amazing people caring for him all week. My grandparents on Dad’s side came two days, Aunt Deb (not really an Aunt but might as well be because we are so close), my new friend Jenna and then Dad had a day off. He had such a blast with all of them. Jenna brought a Clifford movie and just played and played with him. Aunt Deb taught him about rocks and putting them in buckets. Dad took him on a long walk to the pond where they threw dirt and just acted like boys. Again, one of the many reasons we moved home…just to be near people who could love Eli.

2. We got to go house hunting!!!! We have looked at five houses and are looking at four more tomorrow! It is just such a fun process. I love dreaming and envisioning spaces. We have looked at old, new, move in ready, fix er uppers and everything in between. I am hoping as we narrow it down to post pictures. Fingers crossed we find the perfect place for our little family.

1. The highlight of my week was Dodger’s Birthday! We went to dinner at a little place in town called the K Bistro with Jenna and Nate. I cannot believe we didn’t take a single picture, but that is ok. I was looking rough after and long day and I have a cuter picture saved in my memory. Dodge is just one of my favorite people. She is near and dear to my heart and I know I don’t have much time with her because she is getting married in just four short months and will then move to Milwaukee. I am so happy for her and I cherish my time spent with her. Hopefully you will get to see lots of her wedding planning in the next few months because we are about to crack down. The other blessing to this day is that Jenelle came in from Atlanta via Indy for the night so I got to see her for like and hour. It is just so nice to be with people who know and love you. Let’s be honest, I am a very loud and excitable person and being with Dot and Jenelle brings it out all the more. We stood outside Dodge’s house and just laughed, got teary eyed, and talked like we see each other every day. I told Aaron for the one millionth time that night how blessed I was by the students that I met at Asbury.

Well that is my Friday’s Fabulous Five! I hope your week has been abundantly blessed. Tell me what your Fab Five are!


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