Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend was such a blessing. The boys and I went to Florida for Aaron’s Dad’s birthday. It was conveniently Labor day weekend so we got to stay from Saturday to Wednesday and really enjoy our time with the family. Eli was a perfect little traveler on the flight. He slept our two longest and played perfectly on our last flight. There are some fun pictures of us in the airport. Eli thought the Indy airport was a dream land. He ran EVERYWHERE for two straight hours. He learned how to say car, truck, and airplane.

He had a wonderful time playing with his cousin Tripp who turned two this summer. They played in the pool, ran around, and just laughed tons together. Eli’s favorite toy was by far the lawn mower. He ran that bad boy all over the house, the yard, and the driveway. I am going to try and find one for Christmas or birthday. Aaron is crossing his fingers that he likes to mow 1o years from now so he can help with the yard. We can all dream right!

I will quit typing and just let the pictures speak for themselves.

These two couldn’t get enough of each other. I cannot imagine how fun Christmas will be with all of the grandkids in one place.

Gigi and Pa with Eli the night before we left. Gloria made that outfit for Eli so it is extra special.

Matthew is moving to California in a few weeks so we were very happy to catch up with him before he left.

We were so sleepy on the way home because we had so much fun playing and laughing with everyone in Florida.

There is so much more that I did not include. I am not patient enough to upload all the pictures. 🙂 You can head over to Aaron’s blog to see those. Those not pictured were Brian, Annie, Kelsey, Lauren, Chad, Mary-Catherine, Bret, Nana, Papa, Delana, Aunt Connie…the list goes on and on. We cherished every conversation, smile, laugh, and story. Our time in Florida was the perfect way to wrap up the summer and jump into our first Fall season in Indiana.

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