Friday’s Fab Five- #3

Well Aaron has been traveling for work this week so I have been a single mom. Mom, Dad and Alex have been busy as well so it really has been lots of time, but me and the little man. So here are the high points to the week.

5. Finger Blasters! I ordered 500 Finger Blasters for a conference I am going to next week and they arrived! They are all stickered and ready to go. If you don’t know what they are, they are basically glorified rubber bands. You know how people put rubber bands on their fingers and shoot you. Well imagine those on CRACK! They are 9 inches long and covered in Nerf with fins. They can shoot up to 100 feet and are a dream for crazy adults like my family. I think they will be a huge hit at the conference. I will have to let you know next week.

4. My first band competition. Eli and I loaded up last Saturday and went to Indianapolis to see my cousin Molly, who is drum major perform at Districts. It was awesome! Music always makes me emotional, so I will admit to getting teary eyed a few times. The colors were great, the music was fun, and the crowd was entertaining. There is a certain etiquette to band contests that I didn’t know anything about so I felt a little lost at times, but it was a super fun trip. I will add that I got Qdoba and Gigi’s cupcakes for dinner which was an added bonus. Eli loved the first two shows and then got a bit antsy, but he had a fun time. All in all a great day with family, laughing, eating and watching Molly perform!

3. Sunday Lunch! As most of you know my dear friend Dottie lives in Marion and is getting married to Adam in December and moving to Milwaukee. So I am cherishing as much time with her as I can. Adam was in town this weekend so we went to lunch with them and our new friends Jenna and Nate! HUGE thanks to Dodge for introducing us to them. It will be a legacy she leaves behind in Marion, because I love Jenna and look forward to lots of memories with her and Nate.

So…we went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and had lots of fun then showed them our new house. It is fun to show people the house, but it is still very much in the working stages so hopefully people can see what Aaron and I see. It takes some imagining. That leads me to number 2!!

2. Our work with our amazing Contractor Bryan is done!! He has completed as much of house as he can at this point. We are waiting on my sink to arrive next week and he will come back with the Lowe’s men to install my sink and counter tops, but other than that we are on done with his side of things. That is a great and bad thing. Now it just means that I have to get my rear in gear and start painting and sanding. I am refinishing all the cabinets but haven’t started yet. My goal is to tackle that this weekend. Prayers for time, folks to watch Eli, and motivation would be appreciated.

I have started Eli’s room and would like to have it and the kitchen done by next Wednesday when Aaron and I leave for California. Here’s to big hopes and hopefully big results!!!

1. Eli’s first picture day! I cannot belief how big our little man is getting. He had his first open house, book fair, and picture day yesterday at school and I loved every minute of it. I didn’t take near enough pictures, but I will post a few as soon as possible. Again, Aaron wasn’t here because of work so Mom went with me and Uncle Alex showed up too! It was so fun to see Eli interact with his teacher and all the other workers at the school. It is wonderful knowing that he is so happy there and that he is so loved. They all had wonderful things to say about how well-behaved he was. I laughed and thought that he must save all the naughty for us at home.

It has been such a fun week as I look back. It is important for me to remember the good and not the bad as this week has been ultra tough here in the Huntington Community. No details needed but your prayers for healing and restoration for this area would be appreciated. Thanks to everyone who reads and prays for our little family. We miss you all!

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