Home Again, Home Again. Jiggity Jig!

Well folks it is finally here! (Sorry for the crappy photo. It’s an old shot from online.)

After 2 years of living in an apartment and 6 months of living in my parents basement we are finally moving into OUR OWN HOME!!!! It will be the first home we have bought since having Eli and it feels so good! We are moving tomorrow morning at 9:30 and it cannot come soon enough.

Mom and Dad have been so gracious in letting us live with them but this move has not been easy. As most of you know Eli has been sick since we moved which means not eat or sleeping well and since we don’t want to inconvenience my family that means Aaron and I are not sleeping well. Just in the last two days Eli has been awake at 4 AM and 2 AM. This equals two very tired parents. Add on top of that working full time jobs and then coming home and working on the house…let’s just say we are worn out and ready for a place to settle.

I have taken several before pictures and I will be posting those ASAP, but for the time being thought I would give you a very rough over head shot. What you see below is the main part of the house.

I wasn’t able to fit the mudroom/laundry room, third bedroom and garage on the page. Like I said it is super super rough, but it gives you a little idea of flow.

Here it is…Our home layout

We cannot wait to host each and every one of you in our home. I think that is what I miss most so it will be nice to have that again. I love building community and look forward to our home being a place that hopefully allows for that.

Look for more updates and let us know what you think. I always want ideas of what I can do around the house.


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