I have a big boy!

I know. I know. I know. I suck at blogging. I literally have 20 ideas on a given day and then just feel overwhelmed about blogging them so I don’t. I need to start a notebook or something to write them all down so they don’t get away from me.

So, enough with the rambling guilt trip. I have a big boy! As most of you know we bought a house two months ago, moved two weeks ago and still have tons to unpack. In the midst of all the commotion I converted Eli’s crib to a toddler bed!!! I know, HUGE gasp and sigh. He is so grown up!

The week before we moved he had climbed/fallen/nose dived out of his crib onto the floor and had rug burn on his forehead. I was nervous about the transition so we waited to do it after we moved out of my parents house because I had heard horror stories about VERY VERY VERY long sleepless nights as the little one got the hang of it. So, Aaron and I woke up every time we heard him to make sure he didn’t dive bomb yet again.

By the end of the week we were freaking tired and more than ready to get into our home so we could at least attempt to make him cry it out without disturbing my parents. So, that is exactly what we planned on doing. The day we moved Eli, “helped” us assemble his new big boy bed and was extremely proud of it. He would walk people in to see it and would climb in and out every chance he got.

It really was a sweet thing to watch, but as a mom seeing him get in and out made me so nervous. What if he fell? what if he jumped? What if he would never choose to sleep in his bed? What if? What if? What if? You get the picture!

The first night and every night since has been the same. I take little Eli to his room and tell him it is time to go night night. We turn on his sound machine give him his pacifier (No judgment please. He is cutting his two year molars and it is what gets us through.). Then I lay him down and walk out. That is it! Amazing right! He has been perfect.

The first night he woke up one time at 3:30 am and I went it, put him back in his bed. I sat with him for less than 10 minutes till he fell asleep and that was it. He didn’t have a single issue until black friday, when he woke at 4:30 am. We thought it was something he ate until it happened the next night. No big deal, we planned on letting him cry until he managed to open his door. Crap! Now we have a crying baby waling around the house at 4:30. We can’t have that. So, we invested in the child locky thingies (the technical term) on the door knob, so he can’t do that anymore.

The first night we made him cry was tough. He called out for us and even knocked on the door. Break my little heart, but it only happen the one night. Since then he has slept all night in his own big boy bed with no problem.

I honestly think he likes the freedom and independence it allows him. I have seen him wake up in the morning and get a book, climb in his rocking chair, etc. He has options and I think just like any person would he enjoys it. The picture below is clearly not from the middle of the night as I would be sleeping and he isn’t in his pajamas, but you get the idea of how much he likes getting what he wants of the shelf.

For those of you who were wondering about his safety, I did put a pool noodle under his fitted sheet at the edge of the bed so he cannot really accidentally roll out. It is just high enough to stop him while sleeping, but not to high to stop him when he wants to get down. Aaron thought it was a pretty clever little trick.

The pictures aren’t great but you can at least get a little idea of how the noodle works. It was as simple as cutting it with a knife to the length we wanted. Super Easy. Give it a try if you are in need of a cheap and functional bumper. I think I paid less than two dollars for a pair. (I use the others in my boots. I’ll have to show you that trick later.)

The last two pictures are just a few shots of his favorite part of the room. I am hesitant to put more pictures because I still need to put curtains up and hang art and I don’t want you to judge me for how unfinished it all looks. I promise I will post more as soon as possible, but for now enjoy his art corner and bookcase. You will notice that I try to keep his books in zones by subject matter. Example, Thomas, Sesame Street, Pooh, Seasonal, etc. I am sure you can imagine how well that works with a two year old. Ha!!

On a little side note, the orange quote hung above is from my sweet and amazing friend Kelly Stephens! Seriously, not only is she talented as a designer as you can see from her work, but she is an outstanding mom and wife. Check out her Etsy site for great Christmas gifts. I will try and post a better picture of the art, but you will see it for real in her shop if you go check it out.

The painting below Kelly’s print is a lovely piece that Eli painted. Again, I need to blog about it, but just taped off the letters and then let him go crazy with paint. He loved it! It certainly isn’t a Monet, but Mommy and Daddy think it is great. I love the personality it adds to the room having his “art” included. Also, I hung it at his level so he could touch it and admire is handiwork.

Finally, don’t make fun of me for the quilted bear and rocking chair. I know they look girly, but they are from my grandma Emily and are very special to me. Eli doesn’t care for the bear and on a normal day you will find him face first in the floor because Eli pulls him out and sits in the chair himself. He really likes to rock in it which warms my heart since I did the same as a child.

Eli turns two in less than a week and I cannot believe how fast the two years has gone. How has the transition been for your little one and do you have any tricks to share? What do you miss most about your kids growing up?


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