This is the first time in 20 years that I have not had to travel for Thanksgiving! That in and of itself is enough to be thankful for. It was a very nice and casual time and exactly what I needed. With Eli being as sick as he has been, Aaron and I both starting new jobs, buying new house, and just life in general; I tend to find myself totally overwhelmed. So low-key is perfect! We started our morning at Mom and Dad’s eating homemade cinnamon twists from extra pie dough and watching the Macy’s parade. Then mom and dad took Eli for a walk in the woods behind their house which he LOVED!! Image

We then went to Grandma Jean’s and Grandpa Jerry’s in Markle for our big meal with Mom’s brother and his family. We ate at a huge table and then just laid around for a few hours. Eli of course wanted to play outside so we did slip that in between laying around and watching him play with Uncle Jeff’s old cars. I didn’t get any photos of this sadly because I was just having so much fun with Eli and watching him enjoy them so it slipped my mind. Sorry.

Image Image










I didn’t take many pictures because again, it was casual, but here are a few to recap the day.


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