Painter in Training!

I mentioned back in this post about Eli’s room that Eli painted the picture below and I figured I would show you a few more pictures of the process.


These aren’t really in any perfect order, but it will give you a general idea. Please notice the patient little boy waiting for mommy. So cute!


Please excuse my very gross outfit and the room we painted in. It was cold outside so we wanted a warm place for Eli as well as a place that wouldn’t be affected in a negative way when the little man got a little crazy with the paint. Luckily he didn’t, but as most people know with toddlers it is better safe than sorry, because they can get really excited and that equals big mess!

I got the letters at Menards. They cost me $2.00 for all four letters and there were several in a pack so I can make more LOVE crafts if I please.

The paint was from Hobby Lobby, or what I prefer to call Hob to the Lob! I got non-toxic washable stuff so Eli would be safe with it. It was in the paint section and again only cost a couple bucks. I have leftovers so it can be used again.

The canvas was an old painting that I found at goodwill for a few bucks as well. I spray painted over the original art it so it would be a blank slate for Eli to be as creative as he pleased. HA! Like, he would have cared in the slightest.

You could put the sticker, tape, or whatever you choose anywhere on the canvas. I just picked the corner because I liked the way it looked. Just my own preference. I had to help Eli concentrate on the letter area initially just be sure it would be covered, but in retrospect I am confident he would have managed without crazy mommy’s help.

Here is another after shot so you can see Eli’s finished product. For sure not the colors I would have picked but apparently little boys don’t care a whole lot about color combinations.

IMG_8647Are you working on any fun craft projects this weekend? I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

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