Eli is 2!

Here is a sappy update for my records. I haven’t done one since Eli was 1 and I just plan on doing it yearly from here on out so I can keep track of his growth. So…if it is annoying and mushy to you just don’t read.

2 YEARS OLD!!! I cannot believe I have a two year old! You grown up so much from the little less than 2 pound baby you entered this world as! Eli’s birth story is over here on Aaron’s blog. I still can’t bring myself to writing it all out for some reason. Maybe when Eli turns 18. Ha!

So on to the loving of my little one!

Eli at his 24 month checkup.

Eli at his 24 month checkup.

Weight: 24 ¼ lbs.

Height: 32 ½ inches

Head Circumference: 18 ½ inches

  • You wear a size 4 diapers and love Huggies because Elmo is on them.
  • You wear size 18-24 month shirts
  • Your pants range from size 12 months to 18 months. You have a tiny little waste, but a huge belly after you eat.
  • Your favorite foods are chicken, cheese, potatoes, pastas, and breads! Basically anything starchy! And you LOVE popcorn!
  • While living at grandma and grandpas over the last six months your favorite thing to do was have breakfast with Grandma at the bar and to go outside with Grandpa.
  • Grandma was by the far the favorite, but in the last month you have really taken to Grandpa because you think he is so funny!
  • You are running at top speeds and you think it awesome to chase and be chased!
  • You go to school 5 days a week while Mommy and Daddy are at work and you are learning so much!
  • You can count to ten and say your ABC’s. With a little help of course, but you can do it.
  • You love reading books and listening to anything musical.
  • Thomas, cars, and school buses are your favorite things to play with.
  • You LOVE trucks and school buses and the highlight of you weekend is seeing the bus parked at church.
  • You still use a pacifier. Mostly to sleep, but sometimes during the day because you are cutting your two year molars and your mouth hurts. It seems to be the only thing that really helps you with the pain.
  • You have slept in a big boy (toddler) bed for almost a month now and you think it is pretty cool.
  • You love to put on shoes and carry other people’s shoes around the house as well as their socks.
  • Pushing buttons might be your all time favorite. Especially helping push the buttons on Grandma’s washing machine.
  • You are great at helping with turning on and off lights as well as opening and closing doors.
  • Since you have been sick and doing breathing treatments anywhere between 2 and 6 times a day you have really taken to watching movies to pass the time.  You love Thomas, Baby Einstein and most recently Ice Age 2. No thanks to mommy because I cannot stand the dang squirrel in that movie and you and your dad think it is hilarious.

I am sure there are a million other things I could list as I could not be more proud of the little boy that you are. We moved to Indiana one week shy of seven months ago and you have been sick since we moved, with colds, the flu, sinus infections, RSV, Hand foot and mouth as well as a litany of other things. We are going to take you to a specialist in Indianapolis the first of the year as well as taking you to an all natural chiropractor to see if we can’t get you taken care of.

I have been so proud of how strong, brave, and even patient you have been in the midst of a lot of sickness. You have taught your dad and I so much and we are better people because you are in our lives. I love you to the moon and back and I know that you will not always be a snuggly little boy, but I cherish it now and look forward to our special memories in the future.

As you have seen from previous birthday posts we usually put a sign with his age as well as his bear in bed with him. Eli wasn’t having that so we worked with what we had. A very excited two year old who wanted to play with his cars. So…we took what we could get. Please notice his thoughts on the bear being in the picture.









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