Friday Fab Five #4

5. Organizing my closet! It has been so much fun and I feel like I am getting more settled in our home. I will have pictures on Monday.

4. Crafting again. Because Aaron and I now have our own place after 2 year in the dorm and 6 months in my parent’s basement I now have my own space to craft and add my personal touches. It is a blast. I will have more pictures next week of a lamp project I have been working on.

3. Ticket to Ride! Alex bought it for me and Aaron for Christmas and then our friends Zach and Danielle told us about getting it on our phone. We play all the time together. I am addicted and it is so fun! Aaron and I have always been game lovers so it is fun to be introduced to a new one. I get way to into it and Aaron laughs at me.

2. Pitch Perfect! I got it from my parents for Christmas and I love it! I went to see it with Dottie and my small group and so it has very fun memories for me as well as I just love the music and the story. I am in love with the two main characters and “Fat Amy”. I just laugh and laugh as well as sing and sign while I watch it. Aaron hadn’t seen it so we watched it while painting and he really enjoyed it. It was sweet because he said he loved watching me as much as the movie because I have so much fun with it. I could laugh all night watching that movie.

1. Dottie’s Wedding pictures! As most of you Dodge, Dot McGot, Dodger, DJ, Dottie got married in early December in Milwaukee, WI. and the wedding was perfect. I love her and Adam so it was even more special seeing them in every part of their day. I was able to help Dottie a lot leading up to the day and so it was so cool to see all her details fall into place. Also, I did the flowers! Ha! I know. I cannot believe she trusted me with this, since I have NEVER done flowers before. I was an exciting challenge and all in all they turned out well. It was a perfect weekend with friends. Other than me taking a TERRIBLE fall while curling, but that is a story for another time that would rather not relive. All that to say, Dottie and Adam were featured on Christy Tyler’s blog and the pictures are incredible! It was so fun reliving that day through the pictures.



3 thoughts on “Friday Fab Five #4

  1. Can’t wait to see pics from #5 and #4.
    I love Ticket to Ride. Leighann and Henry have it. So addicting! Glad you guys got another game 😉 You’ll have to have a game night soon… so fun!
    I love Pitch Perfect! So funny! and the songs are great! I thought of you when I watched it over Christmas.
    Thanks for mentioning the blog 😉 Christy did so well!!!

  2. Oh and thank you for all your help and of course I trusted you with the flowers. You are the most innovative and creative person I know. I knew you would do a good job 😉 and you did!!!

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