White Christmas

I know it is January, but I still haven’t blogged at all about Christmas. You can check out details on our Florida Christmas over on Aaron’s Blog. He does a great job getting it all in. I just wanted to show you a few pictures of our white Christmas!

It was our first Christmas living in Indiana and I am so glad we had snow. We didn’t get to celebrate on Christmas since we were in Florida, but it was still a very special time with my family. These are just a few shots from our time out in the snow. Keep in mind that since Aaron grew up in Florida snow is still a very novel and fun thing for him, so playing with his son for the first time was very special. It was a blast watching my two boys play together outside. Please note, these have not been edited in any way and we have laughed about how it looks like we are in front of a green screen in some of these. It was so gorgeous to play in.

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These were by far my favorite shots of the holiday season. Did you make any fun memories and get a chance to take pictures of the fun?

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