Scarf and Shoe Organization

This is my first time participating in a link up party so I am excited to see how this works! I heard about it on Carmel’s blog! Her blog is my new favorite BTW! Her style is awesome and since she lives in my old neck of the woods I am partial. We just moved from Lexington, KY after twenty years to Indiana this year so it is a wonderful taste of home for me. You should check her out! She really is so creative!

Dog Days draft

For those of you that know me, you know that I LOVE organization! That is no secret. It is lots of fun for me and I love thinking up new ways to display, organize, access, etc. my things. So, when it came to my closet I could not wait to get started. We for the first time live in a house that gives me a little bit of space to do things like this project so that has been loads of fun!

We turned a little “walk-in” closet in the hallway into my closet. It is great for allowing me to display my things. Let’s be honest, if you cannot see it then you aren’t as likely to use it. So, my goal was to put my things out in a way that would keep them accessible to me without being too crazy. Again, if you know me, you know I Love my scarves and shoes as much as I love organizing. You can imagine this was quite the dream task for me. Organizing shoes and scarves!!!! Best day ever! Ha!

I started with the shoes. When Aaron and I were dating I had right at 200 pairs of shoes. When we got married I had paired that back to under 90 pairs. It was s huge cutback, but I knew it needed to be done now that I was sharing a home with someone else. Now I think I am around the 75 mark. I know that still seems like a ton to some, but that includes things like summer flip-flops (which I have near 10 of) and tennis shoes (which I have like 6 of). All that aside, in the hopes of keeping my number around the 75 mark, I decided to take them out of boxes, which is how I stored them for my whole life, and put them out on a shelf. This was I could not stack multiples on top of each other. It limits me. So as you can see I have them categorized by color and style (heels vs flats). My boots are on the floor and I didn’t get t a good shot of those so I will try to update you with that later.




Aaron asked me why I have every other shoe turned around with the heel showing and for me it is a very simple way to see the heel height. I would recommend it for that reason as well as it allows you to fit more shoes. Just a few things that work for me. Also, you will see I have a few photos thrown in of loved ones. Just as a good reminder of what my true foundation is. Family…you can’t beat it! There is one of me and mom laughing, some art Aaron made me with lots of dating memories and my favorite is the picture of me and grandpa at his 50th wedding anniversary party. It is about 10 years old so don’t judge how I look. He and my grandma are so in love and it is awesome! I look forward to Aaron and I being exactly the same way 45 years from now.



So…enough mushy stuff. The scarves!!! Well, I played with lots of options, hooks (would need to many), special hangers (the scarves were way to bulky) for scarves, boxes, drawers…you get the picture. My curtain rod approach is what worked best for me and my space, but it may be different for you.

I had an empty wall in my closet that was to shallow for another rod to hold clothes so I figured it would be perfect for my scarves. This was such and easy project. All I did was hang a curtain rod. No special instructions at all. I like that it is adjustable if I want to make it longer for more scarves or leave it as is.



You will also notice that I hung them by color! That’s my jam! I love having everything in color coded order! It makes finding things so much easier and is just more pleasing to the eye. I color coordinating everything in my life so my scarves were no exception.

So what have you been organizing to make your life easier? Do you have a cool way to display your scarves and shoes or whatever you like to wear, maybe jewelry?


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