This Little Light of Mine!

I’m gonna let it shine! Let it shine! Let it shine! Let it shine!

Ok, enough of that and on to my newest and most exciting craft project!  I have seen some amazing projects at ShabbyNest-GrabButton.png but my friend Taryn Stone had instagrammed a picture of a lamp she had picked up at goodwill and was making over with coffee filters! You can see how amazing it is right! Well I had to try my hand at it!


So armed with a lampshade that I picked up out of a free box, hot glue, a hot glue gun and 300 coffee filters, I was off on a mission. IMG_9307

This is what my shade looked like after two layers of coffee filters. Cute but not the full look I was going for.



I thought it would be a great Derby hat! Ha!

You start by bunching a single coffee filter around a wooden spoon. Or whatever your weapon of choice might be. I liked the spoon because it was longer and easy for me, but Taryn used a highlighter. Clearly this is a “whatever works” moment.



Add hot glue to the bottom of the bunched coffee filter and then place it on the shade. I started on the bottom and worked my way up.



You can put them as close together as you want. Because mine was hanging flush on the ceiling I did not want it to be so full it wouldn’t sit flat to the ceiling so I placed them farther apart on the top. It still looks full, but was more easy to manage when hanging.

Here is the finished product hanging ing my closet!


I love how it looks! So full of ruffles! To me it just whispers feminine. Hence why it is in my closet.

Here is a before and after to compare. Not that it isn’t totally obvious the difference. It didn’t take that long and is definitely an easy way to update an old lamp. You could spray paint the base and cover the shade like this and have an entirely new lamp in one sitting. The whole project cost me $1.00! Yep! All I had to buy were the coffee filters. I had some on hand for washing windows, but ran out and had to buy more. Everything else I had on hand to begin iwth.

What fun craft projects have you done lately? Found anything fun thrifting that you have changed to make your own and fit your space?




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