A Little Pick Me Up!

I saw this a really long time ago on Pintrest and I cannot find my pin now, but like a lot of ideas I have wanted to do this for a while. Well the perfect opportunity presented itself this week as Valentine’s Day approaches.




I went to Wal-Mart to get a few things on lunch and saw these pill holders. They were the perfect size for what I wanted. I am not sure who would ever need a pill holder this big, but I feel for them if they do because it is massive. Again, it is perfect for my little gift because it can hold more CANDY!!!




It is as simple as picking your candy out and filling the seven slots. I went with lots of different kinds of candy to mix it up a bit. For example, some chocolate, other fruity, some with caramel, and others with peanut butter.  Then I printed off seven encouraging bible verses which I rolled up really tiny and included every day with the candy. You of course could do love verses for Valentine’s day or whatever you decided was appropriate.



There you have it. A very easy and fun little treat for a Valentine, someone who needs a little pick me up, or just for fun. It doesn’t require you spending the day in the kitchen, printing crazy labels with your cricket or mailing anything really heavy.


I think I might adapt this for an Advent calendar at Christmas with a month-long pill holder. We will just see.

What fun things are you giving for Valentine’s gifts? What is the neatest thing you have ever gotten from someone?

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3 thoughts on “A Little Pick Me Up!

  1. I love this. Everyone needs a pick me up once in a while. I think I will do this for a co-worker that her Father passed away. Thanks for the tip.

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