Little Man’s Craft Table!

We are starting to settle into our little home which allows me to do fun little projects around here. Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of big things we still need to do, but the little things that cost little money are encouraging and make me feel like we are getting more done than we actually are.

This project was really fun since Eli LOVES to color! It really is his favorite thing to do next to playing with cars and his daddy in the tent. We had a coffee table that we weren’t using and I was debating making it an ottoman, but thought this would be a better option for us. It cost us all of $8 or less. The paper roll was $5 at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon and the tension rod was $2 ish.










It was finished in less than 10 minutes. We simply slipped the roll of paper over the tension rod and fastened it underneath the table between the legs on the left side. Then I pulled it over and across the top.  Since taking these pictures we have fastened it on the right side of the table with another tension rod we could easily removed it if we wanted to. I am really excited about this because once we have filled it up we can flip it over and color on the other side. This way we are conserving paper and spending less money on more. Winning!!

As you can tell Eli thinks it is awesome!!! He was so excited to show Grandma and Grandpa! I found a little red wooden stool that fits perfectly under the table. Eli is so cute pulling it out and sitting right up to the table.

We now spend time here every day! I am loving making all these new memories with our little man.

Where do your kids craft, color, imagine? What was your favorite thing to draw when you were younger?

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