Snow Day

Eli doesn’t get snow days nor do I sadly, but we had a fun “snow day” at home one saturday. It was super cold and there was snow on the ground so I didn’t want him to be outside. Don’t think I am a boring mom. Eli just wont wear his gloves so playing in the snow isn’t our best option till he will wear those little buddies. So I decided we would still have some fun.






We had a big box left over from a sink we installed in our laundry room. We got crayons and decorated that bad boy like the house of our dreams. Ha! I also, got a big bag of felt balls from Hobby Lobby and we pretended it was snow. Eli thinks it is a party! He loves to throw it, squeeze it and use his “snow plow”.




It was a very cheap venture and has provided hours and hours of entertainment! I recommend it for moms, dads and even “big kid” college students who want to have a little fun. Eli might not look thrilled in the pictures but he was moving so much I couldn’t get any good shots.






What fun stuff have you done with your littles? I love new ideas.


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