Red Duck Towel Holder!

Most of you know my grandma past away a year and a half ago. What most of you don’t know is that she had a porcelain duck hanging on her kitchen wall for as long as I was alive. Well this past summer during one of my weekly Friday yard sale lunches I found the same duck she had for only $2! So of course I bought it!

I brought it home and told Aaron I was going to hang it up and he was like are you sure? “Maybe you could put it up in your closet to hold necklaces.” This wasn’t a bad idea actually and I did really think about it but I finally convinced him I could make it less creepy and a fun conversation piece for our kitchen.


Now enters the bright red spray paint! Woot woot!! Who doesn’t love a good facelift with spray paint. It was super easy. I took it outside and gave it a few coats and wallah!


We actually both love it! I think! Aaron hasn’t told me he hates it so that is a bonus. I have plans to sew some new hand towels with some red pom-pom trim that I will add as soon as I unbury my sewing machine from our unpacked boxes.




It really is a great pop of color in the space and incorporates a few other splashes of red I have around the room. Maybe someday I will post pictures of the whole house for you to see. The kitchen still needs curtains and a few more accent pieces and then I will be happy with it.

Have you painted anything weird lately? How did it turn out?

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