Auntie Schmemmers in Town!

Emily came to visit us! All the way from Atlanta, Georgia! She is the first visitor we have had since we moved into our new house. If you know me you know I like to have the house looking perfect for visitors. Well this time that was not possible. We are in the middle of our master bath renovation and that means our entire master bedroom was all over the house and Aaron and I are sleeping in the guest room.













Talking on his phone…or walkie talkie.





This is my favorite picture! He looks so big I can hardly stand it.








Emily however is very chill and very gracious and was more than cool with sleeping on a mattress in our library. She was also very sweet to let Eli play in her “bed”, eat in it and basically be a crazy man. I couldn’t have ask for a better guest during this time of transition. Of course the visit also fell during the drywall, mudding and sanding time. Which was the part Aaron and my dad were doing all the work. This meant Aaron wasn’t as able to watch Eli so Em and I couldn’t just do our own thing all the time.

Aaron was more than helpful in letting us have time to ourselves tough. Saturday consisted of our mandatory McDonald’s breakfast which Eli loved! He had a fun time riding with me and Emily to get the food. Then we just kind of hung out and played while Aaron sanded. After Aaron was done and could watch Eli I took Emily to Fort Wayne and we had lunch at Panera and did a little shopping. Funny story, one of my coworkers was there with a bunch of her friends and one of them happened to be an acquaintance from Wilmore, Kentucky!

It was so fun to see a familiar face! I was able to send hellos back to friends in Kentucky that I miss so much! After a full day we went home to finish up dinner for Adam and Dottie Ward! Yay! They are married and they were also coming to visit! They didn’t stay with us because of all of our craziness in the house, but I did want to at least have them over for dinner. They were so sweet and brought us Wisconsin Cheese Curds!!! I was so excited! I have been eating them all week! I am savoring them because I will be so sad when they are gone.




I made this arrangement out of a few Valentine’s day leftovers at the grocery store. I wanted a little something pretty since we were having guests. Sorry it is randomly thrown in.




We had such a fun night! After dinner Jennifer, Kelly and Corbitt (folks that worked with Dottie) came over to play games! It was a blast! I beat Adam at Ticket to Ride which is all I cared about. Actually, I crushed him. It was really fun. However, he got his revenge because the men and Emily beat the women every single round of sequence. It was messy for sure.

Sunday we went to church and then had a quiet afternoon at home. Again more playing and also naps for everyone!! It was awesome! That evening Emily, Dottie, Jennifer and I went to see Safe Haven. It was good and always fun to see a chick-flick with friends regardless of if the movie was amazing or not.







Monday, was sad since we knew Em was leaving but we played all morning and Eli told Emily she was funny. Then Emily and I left around noon to head to Indy. We stopped for lunch and a little shopping at TJMaxx before I dropped her off to fly home.

It was such a nice weekend being with people I love so much. The old Abby would have been so consumed with my house looking perfect that I would have missed the blessing of sharing my home with true friends. People like Emily, Dottie, and Adam are so dear to me and I count my blessings.

Who have you spent time with lately? Are you able to look past the mess of your homes and enjoy the people that you share it with? I know I am not perfect at it, but I am learning.


4 thoughts on “Auntie Schmemmers in Town!

  1. Thanks for having us over! I always enjoy my time with your little family. It’s
    always a treat for me and good for you for letting go and finding joy in the mess!! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh. I died laughing at the part where you talked about beating Adam. No, crushing him. Loling over here for sure! Good win for you! I never win against him haha so lovely to see you! Who cares about the mess! You should see our apartment. Looks a little like your house except we don’t have a renovation going on hehe

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