Naturally Clean!

Since having Eli and him being so sick it has been important to me to keep as much gunk out of our house as possible so when I heard about  this new product I had to give it a try. A friend of mine from Kentucky started a new awesome venture creating an all natural line of cleaning projects. You need to know I am very skeptical of stuff like this because I really want my house to be clean and not just spread stuff around.


When my package from Ah Naturals arrived I was SO EXCITED!!! It was packaged so perfectly. Nothing fancy, just classy and natural. It included both types of cleaning spray as well as a cleaning rag and two spray tops. I got the Kitchen and Bath 2-in-1 Bundle and I am so glad I did.




It is awesome! It smells amazing! I mean AMAZING!!! I love using it because my whole house smells so clean without it being overwhelming. That isn’t even the best part. We have used it all over the place. Our kitchen daily, the bathroom, and elsewhere.

You will love this stuff. Check it out for yourself. Not only is it a great price but it is healthy for your kids to be around. I use it all the time with Eli in the room and sometimes he even helps me clean. He loves to clean. It is kind of funny how much he likes it.

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