Polka Dot’s Make The Day Better

I instagrammed this picture on Wednesday and I was shocked at how many comments and likes it got. It just seemed funny to me that so many people were drawn to it. I know I like polka dots but it seems lots of other people do to.


Not that I have been thin at all since having Eli or since college for that matter, but since moving to Indiana I have gained lots of weight. One my job is sitting all day. Two I don’t have friends so I am sad. Three when I am sad I eat food (it is a loyal but very unhealthy friend). All that to say when I got dressed on Wednesday I told Aaron that even though I had gained weight I was tired of dressing badly to cover it up. So, I decided to put on an outfit that was fun and that I enjoyed.

Of course none of you who commented, liked, or are even reading this now knew that so it was just cool to me that so many people complimented the look. With that being said I just figured I would let everyone know where they could find this look. Remember folks I am cheap so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The sweater and collared shirt are from old navy. The jeans are from Kohls and the boots are literally four years old from Target. I doubt that any of it is still actually there but these items below are close.

This sweater  and top are at Old Navy now

clear cn6061452




The boots  are at Target now.


And let’s be honest. You can find skinny jeans anywhere! Lastly pick a statement necklace that represents you. I got the necklace I am wearing last year at Ann Taylor loft on sale. You can find lots of statement necklaces at great prices.

The point is that it doesn’t have to be every day but it is good to try and look good for ourselves every once in a while. I know it was good for me. Did my hair stay styled and cute all day? NO WAY. Was it flat but lunch? YEP.  Did my shirt stay wrinkle free and my jeans nice and tight fitting? NOPE and NOPE. However, it didn’t matter to me. It was just about me taking the extra time to put a little thought into my outfit. Please know that I did still do my make-up in the car and it was just a normal day but the patterns and layers made it a bit more fun to look in the mirror while washing my hands.

What have you worn lately that made you feel good? What is your go to outfit for comfort and cuteness?




5 thoughts on “Polka Dot’s Make The Day Better

  1. I’ve been trying to dress up too! For me! My new job has a very relaxed dress code so it’s easy to thrown on jeans and a hoodie everyday. But with blah clothes comes a blah attitude. I think you did a great job with the polka dots!

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