White Washing Brick

I am not a hater of brick but I really didn’t like the brick around the fireplace in our new house. So…what did I do? Get online and look at a million ideas and tutorials and then I busted out the paint!

My favorite and the one I found the most helpful was Carmel’s over at Our Fifth House. I am sure you can tell from a lot of my posts that I love her style and it reminds me of home sweet home, Kentucky!

We don’t have our mantle done. My dad and Aaron will be doing that in the next few weeks, but I did want to show you our brick before and after as well as how easy it is to do. It was also a bit easier and quick for me to do since the mantle wasn’t hung but that isn’t a must.



I just grabbed a can of our trim paint. It is always laying around and we have plenty of it. I poured about half a cup into a solo cup and then added about a half of a cup of water. The beauty of white washing is that there is no science to it. Just mix about half water and half paint. Mix it up and start painting.

I filled in the cracks, grout, seams, whatever you want to call it first and then covered the brick. I would paint about a two foot square and then wipe it all down with an old shirt to give it the lighter coverage. Again, there is no wrong way to do this. You can keep the paint as thick or as thin as you like it.

I had an AWFUL headache while I was doing this so it gets lighter towards the top because I was getting lazy, but again it doesn’t bother me so I am leaving it. You won’t notice it at all once I get the mantle up, hang a big canvas and decorate it with other things that will distract the eyes. I am hoping like I said earlier that I can blog about the finished product soon. I cannot wait to start decorating the thing. Fireplaces are my favorite area.

Right now I am trying to decide what type of mantle I would like. Here are a few below that are right up my alley. Really I am going between a more rustic or classic look. What do you think I should do?


Picture from Addicted2decorating.com

The above post I will refer to later if I do a blog about painting our gold fireplace cover. Goodbye 1960 hello 2013. It was a game changer.

Halloween Mantel

Picture from OurFifthHouse.com

Have you white washed anything before? Can you think of a project you have wanted to tackle but just haven’t yet? Well the weekend is here. Grab your paint brush and crappy clothes and get to it! You have more light in the evenings now too so you don’t have as many excuses.


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