Small Bathroom Improvements

I know I haven’t been good about posting house updates. With Aaron’s parents in town I haven’t been doing much work around our home other than laundry and vacuuming. No major projects. However, we did tackle our bathroom in the past month and I am just now putting on the finishing touches.

You can see more before and after photos over on our home tour. Also, I will do a whole post soon. This is just a tiny little step that will change the whole look of your space. Aaron hung our towel hooks over the weekend and I couldn’t wait to get them up. I got them for $3.50 at Hob to the Lob (for normal people, Hobby Lobby) when they were of course on sale for 50% off. I liked that they fit the theme of our casual and classy bathroom without being to plain. I got us different patterned, but coordinating towels as well just to add some patterns and interest to the space without using crazy colors.

It is literally the smallest “full bathroom” I have seen so we did all we could to make it feel bigger. I will talk more about this in the full bathroom post but the pattern towels were again another way to add interest and layers without overwhelming the tiny space.


Back to the task at hand. After Aaron got the hooks hung he walked into Eli’s room where we were reading and I asked him if he liked them. He said yeah, but not really because the screws we had looked terrible with the finish of the rest of the room, hooks especially. I told him, “No problem! I can fix that junk.” So off to work I went.





It took me less then two minutes. I grabbed our can of Antiqued Copper spray paint. Sprayed some on a paper plate and then grabbed my paint brush, nope q-tip (who knew you could use them for some many things) and covered those little screws right up.




Easy as pie! I covered all four with an initial dab of paint and then went back to the first screw and repeated once more so they were an equal color to the actual towel hooks. Again, cost no money but changed the blaring silver screws into very hidden hardware that you would never notice when looking into the space.



It’s the little things folks. We don’t live in a castle, but taking care of little projects like this make the house feel more homey and complete.

What are some quick things you have changed in your house that you are proud of?


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