Eli’s First Egg Hunt

Well this weekend was beyond amazing! It was so much fun family time. Lots of memories were made without plans of doing so. Just a fun low key and silly weekend.

I grew up in Northeastern Indiana until I was 9 and we moved to my beloved Kentucky. While living in Indiana it was tradition that I went to the Markle Easter Egg Hunt in Markle, IN. It is a TINY town south of Fort Wayne and I was shocked with how many people came out. I guess it is just a really great event for the surrounding area so lots of people make their way to collect eggs and enjoy a day with their families. My grandma has been part of planning the event for years and she could not wait to see Eli (her first great grandchild) participate.








Eli was on the tennis courts with ages 1-2 and it was so funny. They let the kids into the “caged” area at 10:50 am to wait for the firetruck to sound the alarm. Doesn’t sound too painful right? Well the other forty kids stood there looking at the eggs so patiently. All the children except my own. Eli was not having it. Those 10 minutes took what seemed like 30. All he wanted to do was go and get the eggs which is funny considering that 5 minutes earlier he wasn’t even a little interested. That was until Grandma “coached” him and got him really excited.




We survived the 10 minutes and then we were off. He passed up so many eggs because he was so excited, but it was still a huge success. He collected 14 eggs and would have gotten more but I had to steer him away from a quiet little girl to give her a chance to score a few of her own.












After collecting them all I gave him his bucket and he proceeded to dump the whole thing out. We still have a bit to learn but it didn’t matter. All I wanted was for him to have fun and for Grandma to see him.

Done and done! It was a success. Aaron unfortunately was not able to go because he had a membership class at church, but I took tons of pictures and lots of videos thanks to my mom and brother’s help. Also we have another hunt at my parent’s church next week so Aaron will get to take point on that one.

I think it wore Eli out because after the egg hunt he was playing with his cars face down. Too tired to even sit up. Ha!

Also, can I just say on a quick side note that while there are a 10th of the options for clothes with a little boy than there are for a little girl, little boy layers are the cutest. He looked to precious in his chucks, hoodie, and vest. Warm, functional and halfway cute! That is a HUGE win while trying to dress a little man.

Did you do anything related to Easter this weekend or just get some quality time with family? What is your favorite Easter memory?


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