36 Hours in God’s Country

We moved from Kentucky to Indiana last May and I haven’t been back since last June for a wedding. So the visit was WAY overdue!!! We were off on Friday so Aaron asked me on Wednesday night if I want to go to KY on Thursday evening. I said NO WAY! Just kidding. I was in full on freakout! Yes! Yes! Yes!! Also, it was Aaron’s birthday on Thursday so we were able to celebrate with friends.

We went with no plans and it was a whirlwind. We got there an hour early so we went to the mall to let Eli play in the kids area while I picked up a few things. I ran into Ben and Emily Andrews almost immediately and I was so excited!!! It was so nice to be in a place where I KNEW people and they KNEW me!!! Like really knew me, not just my name.

We then met Paul Niswander, Anna Mozley, Randy Troyer, and Nate Smith at our favorite restaurant Saul Good for Aaron’s birthday. I got my favorite strawberry salad! Loved it! Again, it was so nice to be at a place that I didn’t even need to look at a menu. I knew what I wanted!!! Love love love! After dinner we just went back to Paul’s and hung out. Super low key.

On Friday I went to breakfast with my old boss and dear friend Lisa Harper!! That was a breath of fresh air! We laughed, we cried, and we just filled each other up! It was the perfect. Thanks for being you Lisa and for investing in me and so many others.

After breakfast I went back to campus where were staying with Paul in Johnson dorm and Joe Bruner and Paul Stephens came by to see us!! So much fun to see them. They are such good men and have invested in Aaron and I so much. If you want to meet true servants meet Joe and Paul. Good people!

For lunch Paul, Aaron, Eli and I loaded up and went to Qdoba. After lunch Eli went down for a nap and Aaron just hung out at Paul’s and read while Paul and I ran to Lexington. Paul had work stuff to do and since we used to be partners in crime as RD’s I was more than happy to help. It made me feel like I was part of a team again. We went to lots of my favorite spots. So fun!

For dinner the Stephens family (Paul, Kelly, Elijah and Jacob), Joe Bruner and his son Sam, Paul, and our little family had Tastebuds pizza at Paul’s apartment. Again casual and I loved it!! That is the theme of the weekend. After dinner Paul and Joe had to jet so we hung out with Paul, Kelly and the kids. Eli loved playing with Elijah and Jacob. He had so much fun watching them and just running around campus with them. They were so patient and sweet with him. While the boys played Aaron and Paul talked and Kelly and I fake played and mainly talked. If you have met Kelly you know she is a breath of fresh air in this world. She is one of the best people I know! Every time I am with her I am encouraged. She is by far the best mom I know. She loves her little family perfectly. I always learn so much from Kelly and she makes being a mom look effortless and doable under any circumstances. Thanks for being you Kelly! We are all better for knowing you.

Aaron stayed up late watching the Florida vs. FGCU with Randy, Paul and Mark Laufenburger. I gladly went to bed. I really like my sleep.

On Saturday morning Eli woke up sick. No fun. I was supposed to get my hair cut at 1:00 pm so I quickly called and they moved me up to 10. I ran out the door and very happily spent 45 minutes at Caswell and Carroll letting Chelsea cut my hair! I have had it cut once in the last year and it needed it!!! When I got back to campus Aaron had us all packed up and we headed to meet Paul for one last time together. Lunch was crazy. Eli was feeling really sick and just cried the whole meal because he wanted to play and wouldn’t eat a thing. I was hoping for a picture of Eli and Paul but that wasn’t happening. Eli was being to crazy.

We gladly packed Eli up in the backseat hoping he would take a good long nap. As we drove away I cried and cried. Leaving out dear friend Paul was tough. I think the next time we see him will be his wedding. I don’t think I have ever been more excited for a friend. He is a great man and has been an incredible friend to our family. You can see post about him here and here. He is marrying an amazing girl!! I am so happy for them both. Thanks for letting us stay with you Paul as well as the quality time. I know it was a busy time for you, but thanks for making time for our crazy crew.  We cannot wait to celebrate with you in a few short months as you marry your sweet Lauralee.

To finish off the trip Eli threw up in the car about an hour from home. Woo Whoo! Nothing like ending the trip on a high note. Even though it ended a bit rough it was a great weekend. I loved the time I got to see friends and basically family. It was way too short and there were tons of people I didn’t get to see or even contact. I guess that means I need to go back sooner and see more folks.

Also, I was having such a great time I forgot to take any pictures. I’m sad about it now, but wasn’t then because I was just so focused on the people I was spending time with.


4 thoughts on “36 Hours in God’s Country

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  2. Reading this made me miss Kentucky so much more! I am so glad you all got to go back- I know I am anxious to visit this summer while I am home! 🙂 Miss you and your sweet family!

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