Aaron’s 28th Birthday

Aaron turned the big 28! I tell you what I am a lucky lady! On Aaron’s actual birthday we were in KY so we celebrated on Wednesday night as  a little family. Eli and I, well I, blew up balloons and scattered them around the house. Eli basically played with them.

We hung a Happy Birthday sign that I picked up at Hob to the Lob and it was misprinted. It said Hapdy Birthday on one side and Happy Bithpay on the other. Aaron and I got a kick out of that. I thought about taking it back, but I’m not going to. I think it is funny and quirky like we are. Perfect for future celebrations.








When Aaron got home he opened his present from Eli. “He” got him Wreck it Ralph the DVD and Blueray as well as Felix and Ralph action figures that I found on clearance. It seemed to be a great gift from Eli since he could play with Daddy with them. I also picked up an apple slicer from TJMaxx. Aaron’s new favorite snack is apples and peanut butter. Just a little something that he would never get himself, but I knew he would use.







He sent me a picture the next day on my phone of him using it. I think he liked it. It’s the little things. What can we say.

On his actual birthday like I said earlier we drove to KY and had dinner with friends at our favorite restaurant, Saul Good. We had a great time in KY which you can read about here. However, Aaron’s real gift and celebration were on April 2nd. We bought Sigur Ros tickets months ago in anticipation of Aaron’s birthday. He has always wanted to see them live and it was a bucket list item for him.

We planned on taking Tuesday and Wednesday off and spending the night in Chicago, but then Aaron got strep throat! Yuck! So, instead he was home sick and I just worked till lunch. At this point Aaron had been on antibiotics for 24 hours but was still very under the weather. When I asked him about the trip he responded that he would go to that concert even if it was on a stretcher.




Stretcher, he was not, but he certainly didn’t feel great. However, he was quite the trooper. We got to Chicago in time to run into IKEA for a few things for the house and then we ate at Panera since they had soup and that was really all Aaron could eat. After dinner we headed downtown and then read in the parking lot until the doors opened.








The concert was great! Very cool experience. So glad we got to check it off Aaron’s bucket list and experience it together. I drove two hours home and then Aaron let me sleep and he drove the remaining hour and a half. We got home at 3:30 in the morning! Shew! Dad stayed at the house with Eli till we got home. Big thanks to him because it allowed us to have a wonderful date in Chicago to celebrate Aaron’s life.

I mentioned before what a lucky lady I am. I have loved my almost six years with Aaron. He is a wonderful husband, dad, brother, son, and friend. He works so hard and cares for his family even when he is sick and running low on energy. I am so so so proud to be his wife. Happy Birthday Aaron!!!

This is Aaron’s 26th Birthday post. Apparently I didn’t blog much in 2012. Sorry Aaron…your 27th birthday is undocumented. Here is Aaron’s post on his 26th birthday as well. It is way better than mine. Remember…I am average at everything, even blogging.

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