Our first Indiana Easter

I already posted about the Markle Easter Egg Hunt the week before Easter, but life has been a bit hectic so I am just now getting to the actual Easter post. As you already know we were in KY the Saturday of Easter weekend so we missed the egg hunt at my parent’s church. It was totally worth it so we don’t regret it. Eli had a great time at his first egg hunt and that is enough for this year.

You may also know that Eli and Aaron got sick while they were in KY so we came home and both were super mellow. We didn’t get to go to church on Easter because Eli threw up and well this picture will explain it all.


Eli woke up on Easter morning and was miserable. He ended up falling asleep on the floor for three hours before he could even find his basket. So while most kids dressed in their Sunday finest for spring and Easter, Eli laid on the floor in his sweat pants. It’s ok though we still had a great day celebrating the resurrection of our Lord!

After Eli slept he did go and find his basket. I got it at Hobby Lobby, shocker I know, in the actual basket section of the store. I didn’t want to buy a pastel blue basket or a cars bucket that would sit in a closet all year till next Easter came around. So I found this cute canvas tote for under $10 and we will use it all year to hold Eli’s toys.









I filled it with lots of dollar section items and even a costume set that was on clearance. He got stickers, a recorder, markers, a set of crayons, a lion, giraffe, elephant, two dinosaurs, a truck, glowing bouncy ball and some slinkies…no clue how to spell this. Ha!

He was very excited and we had lots of fun opening it and explore all that the new toys had to offer. After he opened that and we played for a while we went to my parents for a late lunch.


Mom had little baskets for all of us and Aaron’s birthday gifts. They had bubbles, mainly for Eli, candy and then a gift card to places of our liking. I got HomeGoods/TJMaxx/Marshalls, Aaron got an iTunes card, and Alex got an X-box gaming card. Eli’s basket was a bit more extensive with books, a coloring book, crayons, stickers, and bubbles.







It was a wonderful day with family and while we didn’t get to go to church we still celebrated the life of Jesus! We are grateful for his death and resurrection and don’t take it for granted. What did you do for Easter? Did you use any unusual items as your Easter basket?


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