Kids Art Wall

I am totally one of those mom’s that feels guilty throwing their kids art away, but  when your child is in daycare they bring home an abundance of potato art, cotton ball snowflakes, random paintings and drawings. I don’t want to be a jerk and get rid of it all mainly for my own conscious so I devised a plan.

Aaron and I were at IKEA and I have been wanting one of those wire hanging things, no clue what they are called. I picked it up and Aaron was like “Abby, it is $12!” I thought that sounded super cheap, but after thinking about it I knew we could make something cheaper.

Here are a few before shots.




Being that it is spring and I have a renewed energy my wheels were turning. I ran to Lowe’s and picked up the needed supplies. This project took me less than 15 minutes and was super super easy!!!!

Screw Eyes $1.00

Laser level $14.00

Hanging Wire (I had this-free)

Mini clothes pins (Had these- free)

Washi Tape (Had this as well from previous projects-free)

Art (also FREE, we had an abundance, hence the project)

First I took frog tape and measured out where the curtains will be eventually (slowly but surely this home will come together) so I knew where to place the hanging wire. I marked it out and then drilled holes on either end of where the hooks would go.




After drilling the holes I screwed the screw eyes in. Again, super easy. You can screw them in as tight as you would like. I wanted mine right up against the wall.

Lastly, I stretched the hanging wire across and just wrapped it around itself, just like they do on the back of pictures to be hung.

At this point I was so excited and started hanging stuff with my mini clothes pins. It was fine and then another idea struck me. Those clothes pins would be so much better is they had Washi tape on them. All my tape was too wide so I just cut it down to the proper size.



I used three different patterns just to mix it up but you could make them all match if that is your preference.

And the after shots! Not a huge difference. I still need to add curtains and something else above the gallery strip, but all in all it is still a good addition.






I am very happy with how this project turned out and although I still won’t be keeping everything he brings home I can at least display some of it and rotate it out with new things regularly. How do you display your children’s artwork? Frames, like the one on Eli’s coloring table or even on the fridge?


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