Spring Cleaning-Closet Edition

After we redid out master suite we lost a linen closet and I was looking for a simple, cheap, easy and half way cute option for organizing my hall linen closet. It needed to function for the whole house so everything needed a designated space.

I have found that the best way to keep our house in at least a bit of order is to have a place for everything. If it doesn’t fit get rid of it! Hence the HUGE garage sale I am planning. I don’t like clutter and it is hard to avoid with a two year old!

So the hall closet! I first made zones, cleaning, bedding, bath, medicine and random. Then I sorted all my junk and threw out what we didn’t use or sat it aside in our garage sale pile. (I don’t even want to show you that! It is literally a room of it’s own.) Then I folded everything nicely or put it in a basket or tupperware to keep the smaller things contained.






Next step, easy peasy, put tape on the shelf below the items and just label that junk. I like it one because it is cute and fun to see when I open the closet doors. Two, because it is very functional. Three, it was free! I already had all the baskets and tape. But if you didn’t it is only a couple bucks at Target of Michael’s. Four, it can be changed very easily if I choose to reorganize. And five, it is cute! Oh wait, I already said that, but it is still true. Living with two boys makes me really appreciate the pops of cute I get to insert around our home.


What have you organized lately? What cleaning project do you have planned now that it is spring?


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning-Closet Edition

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