Easy Dry Erase Board

Yet another cheap and easy DIY project. I actually did this about two months ago but keep forgetting to blog about it. I love the whole chalkboard paint craze but have yet to attempt a project because the Hubs is deathly terrified of chalk. Ok, so maybe that is an exaggeration but he really does hate it.

So, I got this frame at a yard sale for I think around $2.50. I can’t really remember because it was so cheap! I had plans to make it a chalk board but instead went the dry erase route for the health of my marriage and home life. I got a yard of fabric at JoAnn’s for less than $3.00. Again, cheap! You could use an old remnant piece or even piece some things together if you wanted but I say this fabric and like that is had a pattern but it was small enough for lettering to stand out.

I got my fabric home and just popped the back off the old frame and laid my fabric over the glass. Then I placed the back of the frame back in place. After laying the back in I simply gave the fabric a little tug on all sides to make sure it was nice and tight looking when I hung it




Wooh-Lah! Is that how you spell it?! I have no clue. You get the drift. TA-DA! There that works better for the spelling impaired like me. However, I am sure that is not why anyone would ever read this blog because we can all agree I might be the worst writer alive. That is one area that I am most definitely less than average. Some of you might remember I sobbed huge alligator tears over a game of scrabble. For those of you who don’t know it wasn’t pretty. I was the crazy ugly Bachelorette kind of cry. Also, this didn’t happen 15 years ago in middle school. More like just a few years. Since I have been married. Ha! But you didn’t read this post to hear all about my educational insecurities. Moving on to the task at hand.

Well actually the task is now done. I probably took you less time to make your own dry erase board then it did for you to read this post. Now just go hang it in a fun place and start filling that bad boy with lists, pictures, Welcome signs, quotes, your own scrabble game…the sky is the limit.

Also, sorry for the crappy iPhone pictures. It’s all I have at this point.


2 thoughts on “Easy Dry Erase Board

  1. This is a great project! Such an easy DIY, but WAY cuter than a traditional dry erase board. I’m going to have to make one too!

    And it’s voila – it’s a French word meaning “there it is.” In French the V is pronounced, but somehow in America we have changed it to a W sound. Languages are stupid that way! You should never feel bad about it either! I hate Scrabble…

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