Mudroom Landing Station

We like most families do not use our front door very often. We enter through our mudroom off the garage. That being said it tends to collect our things. Eli likes to take off his own coat and shoes when he comes in the door. We still have lots to do but I tackled a small project a few weekends ago.

I wanted to hang hooks for our jackets as well as the ironing board. So with a wall level, frog tape, drill and screws I went to work.

I have found the easiest way to hang something with multiple holes is to put frog tape over each hole. I then make a hole where the nail will go. Easy peazey. Then put the tape on the wall making sure it lines up with the level mark.




Lastly you make your holes in the wall and hang your item, in my case hooks for coats. As you can see Eli helped with the spatula. You can never have too many spatulas when you are doing house work. Haha. That is the trick. 🙂




Aaron mentioned to me just last week how much he liked having it. It has been so helpful. Things that were once scattered on the floor now have a place. I am a total goober and still haven’t taken an after picture, but at least you can see how we did it. Maybe someday I will start posting after pictures. Ha!

Update: Here are a few shots after. Please remember the room isn’t done, just this one little project. Also ignore the hideous ironing board cover. I plan on making my own someday in my spare time. HAHA! So maybe in three years I’ll get to that.






Again there are still several things I need to do in this room, but just this little 20 minute project has helped tons. Where do things just collect in your home? What have you done to eliminate clutter?


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