More Than Just Laundry


I am going on my first Pintrest Challenge adventure! As you probably know my favorite blogger Katie Bower over at Bower Power hosts this fun event with another oh so amazing blogger Sherry at Young House Love, also whom I love, so I thought I would give it a go. I was planning on adding to the laundry room anyways so this was the perfect encouragement.

I already showed you our laundry room with the landing station post, but I have much bigger plans for this space. I know it is just a laundry room, but let’s be honest as a wife and mom of a two year old boy I spend a lot of time in there. So I decided to spice it up a bit.

Of course I got some inspiration from Pintrest. I saw this post more than a year ago and knew that it was what I want to start my gallery wall with.

DSC_0549 copy

Then I remembered this print I got from Jennifer over at Rambling Renovators. Don’t even get me started on how much I love her laundry room. I love the little splash of color and it is functional and helpful as well.

Laundry Sign aqua

Like I said earlier, you saw some of the laundry room already and this was a small part of that. My ironing board doesn’t look near as cute as this one, but it is better than it leaning against the wall and taking up space.

laundry room ironing board holder 007

So to add a little more character and personality to the laundry room I decided to add a small gallery wall.  I did stick with my original plan with the letter going up first. I got the letters at Hob-to-the-Lob and gave them a quick spray down with metallic spray paint.




This cost less than a few bucks and took me less then five minutes. It was a windy day so they dried really quickly. I wanted the look of the Anthropology letters here without paying the $18 a letter. I had the spray paint, but if I didn’t it still would have cost me less than $7 when it was all said and done.

I knew I wanted to add a few more item, but wanted to keep it small since we will eventually hang a rod between the cabinets and wall for me to hang clothes to dry. Knowing that I just went with the two frames. The one holds our last family photo taken in Kentucky and for the bottom frame I remembered the print that I showed you earlier. So I printed it and then just taped it to a piece of old scrapbook paper.


Within 10 minutes I had the whole thing done and I hung them all with 3M strips!! A girls best friend. Well this girl anyway. Ha! I am hard to please folks.

Here are some better shots of the ironing board and the new gallery wall.






Oh yeah and the light used to hang over my grandma’s kitchen table. So special to now have it in our home. Aaron installed that months ago and added the ceiling medallion for some more umph. I love how it turned out.

I still have big plans for this room. I will hopefully in the next decade or so, just kidding more like couple months, paint stripes on the bug blank wall, paint the remaining trim and door white, hang a curtain on the door and add a few more personal pieces to the striped wall and then of course like I mentioned earlier hanging the rod over the dryer.

I do need you input in one area however. I go back and forth all the time wether or not to paint the cabinets a tiffany/teal blue or leave them as is. Bam! Go! What do you think I should do?


10 thoughts on “More Than Just Laundry

  1. I love that print. I actually wasn’t sure what all those symbols meant hehe
    I’m glad you did the letters! I remember you telling me about them 😉 Love, love love… I like the cabinets but maybe an accent wall… although Rambling Renovators Lady has a good suggestion too… hobby lobby has fun, cheap knobs too!

  2. It looks great! The wood cabinets are very nice, but I say paint them a fun color. I feel like the laundry room is one of those spaces where you can take risks with a little less worry. Tiffany blue sounds like it would be lovely.

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