Ours is Bigger Than Yours!

Our library that is!!! Last night we took a huge jump forward in that home renovation world. We painted the library! It is Rockport Grey, I think by Benjamin Moore. Yes you have seen it on a million other blogs just like me but I loved it and couldn’t resist putting that putty grey junk all over my walls too!!


IMG_1056Eli got in on the building action as well with his tool set, work bench and tool box. It was so cute. he really likes to be in with the action. He likes being able to help Daddy and Grandpa.



This shows the wall color in different light, but it funky coloring of the rest of the space so you can ignore that. It is really in the middle of these two. I describe it as a muddy grey. If I had to marry a paint color it would be this one.


I really am in love! This is clearly a transition shot, but Aaron and dad hope to have the bookcases finished this weekend!!! BAM! I cannot wait! I am chin deep in conference planning at work so coming home to do more work sounded terrible but it felt so good to have it painted.



Also, I forgot to blog about this a few weeks ago, but that bases were finished up at that point and when we put them in place I took the chance to leave our little mark on the home. I know our taste may not be everyone else’s and they may choose to rip these bad boys out as soon as they move in. I put a note and our family picture on the back of one of the bases. So if it is two of 200 years from now the folks who take them out will get a little piece of our family history as well.

As most of you know the Hubs has a bazillion books and I could not wait to have a place to put them all. Over half of them have been in boxes for the last three years while we lived in the dorm and have been in transition here. So I cannot wait to move those exceedingly heavy boxes one last time to their final resting place. Until we buy another house someday that is. I plan on entering the room upon finishing and singing like Belle in her ginormous library from the Beast! Ha! You think I am kidding but I know that at least one of the two people who read this blog has to know me at least well enough to know I am totally serious! It will happen! Lots and lots of singing.




Moving on to the real point of this post. It took us only two hours to paint the whole room. My mom and I are a dream team when it comes to painting. She cuts in and I roll. Once I finished rolling I did cut in as well on the bottom and I tried to stay in places people wouldn’t be staring since it is not my greatest gift.







I cannot wait to get the curtains back up and those dang bookcases mounted to the wall. This room has looked pretty bare and funny for the last six months and it will feel nice to have it near completion. Honestly, I am most excited to have this space just because it is a space all for Aaron. He loves to read and I look forward to lots of nights with us snuggled up in our chairs and Eli playing on the floor of our library. We have already made lots of memories in that room in the few short months but there are tons more to come and now our walls will look nice in pictures. Hahaha. As you can tell Eli thinks it is newest toy, but I cannot wait to see it filled with books and the cabinet doors across the bottom.

What rooms have you painted lately or what rooms are you waiting and waiting to get done? It will happen eventually I promise.


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