Kickin’ It Old School

My newest DIY project for the little man was a throwback for sure! When I told Aaron what I was making he was like, “You’re making what?”. He had never used a felt board!!! Can you believe that?!?! Well those of us who are a little older remember those old school felt boards. They had all the characters cut out and they told all the bible stories on one board.

I saw the one below on another blog and thought I could do that! So here we are! I made one myself and it was so easy!!!!!

Source (


I bought a yard of felt at Joann’s for $4.00 and it was plenty!! It was doubled over so I had double what I actually needed. We had the board but I am sure it is only a few bucks. I laid the felt out, put the wood on top and then simply folded it over and stapled it. Again, super easy!!!!!! I cannot say it enough. So easy!







The colored felt was .25 at Hobby Lobby  so I bought $5 worth and have made cars, trees, clouds, sun, moon, shapes, etc. Alex made the awesome little squirrel for Eli and he loves it. Aaron left me this sweet little note on Mother’s Day.




This is what Eli thinks of the board thus far, but hopefully in the future he will be totally into it.


What new things have you tried that your kids aren’t quite into yet? I love trying new things and I know he will like it soon. Regardless I know we will make memories. That is the point. Just spending time with our families.


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