Oh Happy Day!

I hope it isn’t too late to blog about Mother’s Day. I recognize it was almost a month ago. I know…slacker. Well I have been a little but occupied with a massive event I am planning for work so blogging has taken a back burner. But now that the conference has wrapped I am able to hopefully blog more often. There has been lots happening so I will have to work on catching you all up.

I did not want to get to far away from Mother’s Day without at least documenting a little of it for our own family memories. This year was fun because Eli is starting to speak in very little sentences and was able to tell me, with Daddy’s help, “Happy Moder’s Day”. It was super sweet.

It was nothing extravagant or crazy just  a wonderful day with family. Aaron let me sleep in and I took full advantage. I was in bed until 9 a.m.!!! That is by far the latest I have slept in over two years! It was glorious. Aaron left a set of ear plugs on my night stand the night before. You need to know I never use ear plugs because I want to hear Eli but I am telling you what ladies, DO IT!! If your hubby is committed to getting the little ones I totally recommend them. It is the only way I made it. Aaron uses them often so I thought I would give it a go. I was able to fall back asleep which I never do because I just lay there and listen to my two boys and want to go hang out. They helped me shut down long enough to doze back off and it was AMAZING! I know I keep going on about it but that might be the best gift I could have gotten.



Once I finally put my feet on solid ground I came out to our living room to find a sweet sign that Aaron and Eli had made on the felt board as well as a poster board card and my gifts. Aaron picked out the movie “Something Borrowed” because he never watches chick-flicks with me and he thought it was a sweet gesture. It totally was. We ended up watching it that night but, I will get to that later. He also bought me a pillow for our library.


It didn’t arrive in time but when it did arrive I was pumped! It is a print of Aches National Park in Utah. It is the place that Aaron decided he wanted to marry me. It isn’t something others might want and I recognize it is an odd thing to want and it will stand out because it is so bright but I am in love!!!! It is so special to me. It will be a great reminder of our journey. Aaron is so thoughtful. I really appreciate that he doesn’t just buy things to fill closets or our home in general but he listens to things I mention, puts a personal spin on things and even asks for ideas when needed.

Side note: For all you ladies out there here is something that works great for us. I have a pintrest board that is all just things I might like. Aaron can go there anytime he needs a jumping off point but it is still all a surprise for me. It has been a game changer for us. He also sends it to his mom at Christmas so she has ideas. Do it ladies! Your men want to get you things you will love but they also like choices and ways to surprise you.


Ok, back to the day. After opening gifts we had breakfast and then just played all morning with Eli. We went to my parent’s house for lunch with mom, dad, Alex and my Vernon grandparents. It was right at Eli’s nap time so he was not having it. Mom took him downstairs and they snuggled and ate their lunch while watching “Despicable ME”. The rest of us had such a nice time talking, laughing and just enjoying time with one another.



After lunch we took Eli home for a nap and then Aaron and I just sat and read with one another. Later in the afternoon everyone came to our place so Grandma and Grandpa could see the house. We had dessert and just hung out. Eli eventually woke up after a three hour nap! Happy Mother’s Day to me! After the nap we again played and then had a knock at the front door.

It was the Mossburg grandparents! What a nice surprise. This is why we moved to Indiana. Time with family! We all decided to go back to mom and dad’s and we again just hung out some more. Like I said, nothing crazy just lots of family time. The best Mother’s Day I could have imagined.

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