Who’s Your Daddy?

In this home we are lucky to say Aaron is the Daddy!! He is the best dad ever! It was such a fun day! it really was the perfect day for us all. Eli started the day like we do most special events in our home, making a sign! He loves to color and play with stickers so it is the perfect craft for our “holidays”.







After making the sign Eli could not wait to give Aaron his gifts. It was the sweetest thing. It was the first time Eli knew what gifts were and he was so so so excited to give them to Daddy.





He ran into our room where Aaron was sleeping with the big card/sign yelling “Presents Daddy! Presents!”. He jumped in bed with Aaron to give him the card and gifts. It was simple but sweet. We got Aaron a tervis tumbler that said World’s Greatest Dad and then money to spend on books of his choice.

We are so thankful for these little moments. The joys of life are in the tiny smiles and giggles we share with one another. I am so grateful for my little family and the abundant blessings they provide.


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