Way Late to the Chalkboard Party

Yeah so I know that literally everyone in the whole world has been using chalkboard paint for years but this is my first time. A friend of mine left me some after a move and I have just been waiting and waiting to use it.

I bought an old frame from a different friend at a yard sale and have been holding on to it for months as well. So in preparation for some guests a few months back I decided to give the paint a go.

I took the painting out to the backyard and put it on a drop cloth, sprayed down the frame in a soft pink spray paint that I bought on clearance forever ago.



The frame dried in a matter of minutes and I brought it inside to paint the chalkboard. That took all of two minutes and then I just left it to dry when I went to bed.







The next morning I roughed the whole thing up with chalk for the initial use and then ta-da! Let the creativity flow.



It was so easy!!!!! So so so easy! Like what the heck took me so long to bust into that junk. It took no time, makes old things new, and super fun.


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