Tiny Taste of Amazing! Married 5 Years!

Total sap alert! This is gonna be super mushy.

Today is my five year anniversary! Holy Freaking Moly! I cannot believe it! I cannot say enough good stuff about my husband. He is the best decision I have ever made. We do not have a perfect marriage as no marriage I have ever seen is and life has thrown us some tough curve balls over the last five years but while life is hard, being Aaron’s wife is not.

He is so hardworking, thoughtful, genuine, an amazing dad, caring, funny, respectful, so smart, emotionally stable, adventurous, and very nice to look at. I love him and on top of that I like him a lot! Being his wife and friend has been more fun than I could have imagined. I am a lucky lady.

I thought in honor of our anniversary I would share our love story. Since we were married before the time of Pintrest, Instagram, Twitter, and the even the height of Facebook, much of our story is unknown to the two of you that read this blog. Ha! Our story is quirky, abnormal, and genuine just like me and my hubs.

In the fall of 2007 Aaron came to Kentucky to start at Asbury Seminary. That same fall I decided to start taking classes towards my masters. There are lots of little details here but the long and short of it is that we both noticed one another at different points and when we were both asked to play cornhole I made sure we were next to one another so we would just have to talk the entire game. Smart, I know.

The pictures below are of that night. It was a Hoot-N-Nanny so we were in costumes…this isn’t how we always dress.

hoot 4

hoot 5

hoot 6

From here a friendship was formed. We went on our first “date” on October 10th and it was a lunch to panera. I wasn’t sure it was a date so I paid for my portion. Aaron then wasn’t sure if I liked him so he didn’t know how to proceed. We had a great time and then I didn’t hear from him for a few weeks.

Then on Halloween we reconnected at yet another costume party. Aaron showed up and was like, “Oh Hey! Where have you been?” Like it had been a day since we say each other. We laugh about it now but at the time I wasn’t very impressed with him.


Good thing he kept pursuing me. For our second date Aaron picked me up from the airport with high hopes of taking me out to a nice sit down dinner instead I asked for Taco Bell and we ate very happily on the floor of my living room.

We then “whatevered” (The stage between dating and being exclusive. It’s weird I know.) for a month. During this time Aaron drove through the night to spend just a few hours with me during a break while I was working a conference in Atlanta.


Then on Thanksgiving weekend Aaron skipped the Iron Bowl to surprise me and asked me to be his girlfriend. Sappy, I know, but I warned you. If you made it this far you are either really bored at work, making fun of me and laughing at my expense or enjoying yourself. No matter the reason thanks for staying.




Being that my family lived in town Aaron had already spent significant time with them, but I flew down to Florida in December to meet Aaron’s whole family.






It was a blast. In January Aaron went on a ski trip with my family and passed the test of vacationing with our best family friends the Schwartz’s. All other men had failed this test, but not Aaron. He fit like a glove…see what I did there. Ski trip, glove, that’s punny. I crack myself up.



Ok moving on. In February, we went to Indiana to see my whole family and my grandmother gave Aaron her engagement ring from my grandpa. Don’t worry folks, we didn’t think that was normal. We both freaked out and Aaron gave the ring to my mom to keep. That way if we broke up no big deal mom could give grandma the ring back and if it worked out he could get the ring from them at any point. It took tons of pressure off of us.



In March Aaron and I went on a 30 hour road trip with our best friends Courtney and Kyle Westfall to Colorado. That is when Aaron fell in love with me. That leads us to April when he popped the question. We looked at rings one time and it was back in February. He wanted it to be a total surprise so that worked. He got the ring from my parents and then had the diamond put in the setting he had picked.

I called him one day from work and told him I wanted to go for a walk as soon as I finished writing a paper for class. It would be late but I just wanted to enjoy the nice weather. I didn’t have any idea but this kicked Aaron into high gear. He was planning on proposing two days later but since the walk was my idea he wanted to make it happen so I wouldn’t suspect anything. We went for walks all the time but this night was different. I became a little suspicious but he squashed that quickly. We walked a totally random direction for at least 20 minute so I thought there was no way he would do it and then I saw it.

Candles lit the Seminary chapel windows. Aaron made a really lame excuse to get me to follow him which is so funny because I would have gone with him anywhere in that moment. When he opened the doors there were 300 candles lining the center aisle, the windows, and the altar. He had hydrangeas (my favorite) on the altar and he had three of his friends taking pictures because he knew I would want them later.









I cried and laughed the whole way down the aisle and I am not sure Aaron knew what to think. Ha! I don’t pride myself on being a pretty crier so I am pretty sure I looked a hot mess. He told the guys to leave as soon as I sat down. He has been a tangible example of God’s love for me and his proposal was no different. He ended his speech by saying that it would make him the happiest man in the world if I would meet him on August 9th and be his wife. He had already booked the chapel! I love him so much!

He said beautiful things and then after I said yes he asked if I would sit down. He wanted to wash my feet! Are you kidding? Why is he so amazing? We took communion and then he washed my feet. He wanted that to be private which I also love. He had thought it all the way through. We got pictures as well as private time.









Aaron’s thought has always been that your engagement story is one you have to tell over and over so men make it a story worth telling. I must say he for sure did that. Aaron is more man than I could have ever hoped for and I thank the Lord daily for his blessing in my life.

There is so much more I could say but I really do think it would bore you all to tears. So since this is the longest post ever I will just end with a few wedding shots. Again…don’t judge me. We got married way before Pintrest and Instagram. We had a student who had never shot a wedding do our pictures for $200 and there are tons of things we would do different but one thing would stay the same and that would be that Aaron and I would be husband and wife.




316_507207077141_2955_n 333_507222955321_6399_n 333_507222965301_9054_n

333_507222970291_377_n 316_507224232761_4690_n

316_507224237751_5940_n 316_507235590001_8612_n


316_507235669841_4946_n 316_507235679821_7199_n












333_507236363451_1673_n 333_507236368441_3193_n



2 thoughts on “Tiny Taste of Amazing! Married 5 Years!

  1. 1. My name just auto-corrected to Jesus. Which has no profound hidden meaning to search out.

    2. Happy fifth! Things have only improved since the sea shell necklace. 🙂

  2. 1. My name just autocorrected to “Jesus.” Unfortunately, that occurrence has no profound hidden meaning to search out.

    2. Happy fifth! Things have only improved since the sea shell necklace!

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