Green With Envy (Phase 1)

I know that of all places in our home you are more envious of this green tile! Ha! It is something for sure. Don’t get me wrong it is charming but totally not our style.





I have always been on the fence about Eli’s/guest bath. It is totally retro with very fun mint tile but I have been avoiding the room completely out of knowing I would have to tackle it someday. Well that day came this week.

To make it what I really want would require a total overhaul and since this isn’t our forever home and the budget is going towards other areas of the home I decided that it was time to just embrace the green and make something happen.

I went to the garage and grabbed a sample can of paint and went to town. It only took a few hours and the large part of it was just waiting for the first coat to dry. It is the paint from our living room. I knew I wanted to get rid of the horrid white, dingy, greenish paint on the cabinets and thought free paint was the place to start. IMG_2001




After Eli woke up we went to our neighborhood Hob to the Lob and grabbed some knobs. I had two options that I liked. The one was more vintage shabby chic and then the ones I picked felt more retro-ish (not a real word but just go with it). Aaron isn’t a huge fan and he thinks they look like soccer balls but for now I think we will keep them. They felt like the best option at this point.



The rest of the to do list is…Curtains, frosted windows and remove blinds, paint the trash thingy, add art to the walls and maybe paint the sink hardware and lights.

What do you think? Should we keep the knobs or try different ones? Would you embrace the mint or paint over it somehow? I would love to hear your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Green With Envy (Phase 1)

  1. It wasn’t green, but we lived with bright yellow tile in one bathroom and pink tile in the other bathroom at our old house. We lived with the yellow for a year and a half before gutting it. We put the house on the market before we got to the pink tile, so that one we made work with some grasscloth wallpaper and new hardware.

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