All Better

This post is just for memory sake.

We haven’t really started potty training Eli yet for two major reasons. 1. We aren’t sure he is ready and the main reason 2. is that I have not been home enough this summer to be able to commit to it. So, the plan is to tackle it in three weeks after all our traveling is done.

We talk about it have used the pot once but with that being said this was just a funny story that I want to tuck away for memory sake.

I was putting clothes away and came back to check on Eli. He had filled his diaper so we talked about someday using the potty as we walked back to his changing table. After I changed him and put him safely on the ground (he has been known to jump!). He walked away kind of skipping and saying “Now I’m all better!”.

I know, I warned you. It is anything too exciting but just a funny little moment with my littlest man. The small moments are my favorite times and I am not great at documenting them. He is growing up before my eyes and it is so bittersweet. I love the new developments but miss the tiny baby he used to be as well.




My goal is always to be present and in the moment. I am loving every minute and can’t wait to see the man Eli becomes but I will for sure miss this little diapered booty.



Plan for today, hug my little man a few extra times.


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