Function and Flare!

I added a few new updates to our laundry room last week. One is for function and the other is for function and flare. The Mister and I have talked about adding a drying pole for months and I finally just went for it. It cost me $10 and 15 minutes start to finish.

I picked it up at Lowes and it included the pole as well as the hanging hardware. I grabbed Aaron’s drill and simply hung the left side at the highest point I could on the cabinets we already had in the room. Then I put a level on top of the pole and once it was level I made sure it was an equal distance away from the back wall and then just screwed the right side into the wall.


It was very simple. The only thing to double check is that it is level as well as straight with the wall. The other project was the curtain.

I didn’t like that people could see in our home whenever they like. Not that there is anything very exciting in our laundry room but still I didn’t want random eyes looking in at night.

So I took an old curtain from my office five years ago at Asbury University. I was planning on selling it in a yard sale and decided not to since I could potentially use it here. If it didn’t work then no harm. I also didn’t want to buy a curtain rod for this little door if I didn’t need to.



IMG_2026This part was a little more time consuming just because I had a little man helping me. I stapled the two corners of the curtain to the ends and then the middle and then again the two middle sections on either side to make sure they were even folds.


Lastly, I just drilled the board straight into the door like I would a curtain rod minus the money spent on an actual rod. Ta-Dah! Just to clarify the staples were across the top so you would never see them unless you are 7 feet tall and your head is above the door frame. In this case, the least of my concerns would be if you saw my staples and more just making sure you don’t hit your head leaving my house.



So here it is before and after. Not a huge difference but the little additions make it functional as well as more homey. If you have to do laundry at least it is a cozy room that I like to look at.

What would you add to your laundry room to make it more functional and fun to look at while folding?


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