Laundry Room Stripes

I love a good stripe! Whether it is on my shirt, dress, curtains or walls, I will take it! I have played with stripes lots in other places and thought about them in Eli’s room but they just didn’t look right so I went with a solid accent wall, but ever since we bought this house I have wanted to stripe my laundry room.

Well today is the day! I had been waiting thinking it would take forever with Eli around helping me but he was playing perfectly on his own and I took the time to pounce! It took me maybe 20-30 minutes to tape it off and that was the longest part of the project. It used Frog tape, a yard stick and a level. I knew I wanted the stripes to be 14 inches wide so I just measured them out and marked the end of the wall.




I took the tape and pulled it straight across the wall, eye balling it, and then took my level back over to be sure it was straight. They are not perfect but you cannot see any issues. Even though I am who painted it I don’t see the flaws I thought I would.



Then I simply painted a quick coat of the initial wall color over the tape to seal it in place an to prevent any bleeding of the gray paint. It worked like a gem. The lines are perfect and crisp and only took 5 minutes! Not a must but totally a worthwhile 5 minutes. Also, I put a piece of tape in the sections that were not being painted. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t make a mistake and paint the wrong sections but just to be sure I put the extra tape as a guide.

I then fed Eli and played while I waited for the paint to dry. I made sure Eli was sufficiently entertained and then popped back into the room for another 15 minutes to paint my stripes!!! Bam!!!



I am in love! Aaron actually loves it too. He came home and was totally shocked that I have gotten it done in a morning and with Eli “helping”.

Tricks to make it go faster…make a pattern that will allow you to not have to paint the top or bottom stripe. That means way less cutting in. Use a level to make sure things are level unless you are going for a wavy beach look. Ha! Again, you don’t have to paint the wall color coat first but it seriously takes no time and it’s the perfect way to make sure the lines are crisp. Finally, take the tape off while the final coat is still wet. I only needed one coat so it again was a super quick process for me.



Have you put stripes anywhere in your home? What is your favorite pattern?

5 thoughts on “Laundry Room Stripes

  1. Um, yes to the grey. And “h” yes to the stripes.
    Also, filing away the tip about painting the original color on the tape to prevent the new color from bleeding. Pretty sure you’re a genius.

  2. Um, yes to the grey and “h” yes to the stripes.
    Also, filing away the tip on painting the tape with the original paint color before applying the new to prevent it from bleeding through. Pretty sure you’re a genius.

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