Pop, Drop and Lock it!

I changed a door knob!!!!! I was so proud of myself!

As a mom the worst thought in the world is not being able to get to your child. With that being said in our old little house the door knobs are less than what you would hope. The lock on Elis’ door would latch on it’s own and the first time was terrifying. I thought I would be able to release the lock from the outside but no luck. So while Eli stood in his room crying I convinced him to turn the knob. He was able to do it just enough to pop the lock! Praise the Lord! It was only 30 seconds but it felt like forever.

So you can guess that the next day I went to Lowes and I bought a door knob. No big deal right. Right but it is if you have no clue what you are doing.

Like any intelligent woman I googled it! There were lots of videos but it was really just trial and error. My original plan was to do a whole tutorial but then I realized there are plenty out there and you all really didn’t care how I did it but would just want to see the pictures of Eli “helping”. Ha! Help is a very relative term here but you get the idea.

So without further ado, here are the photos.




What projects have your little ones “helped” you with lately?


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