Bye Bye White! Hello Crazy!

Over the past few weeks I have been slowly trucking away at moving into our house. What?!?! You might ask. We have lived here for almost 10 months! Yes we have but until two weeks ago I have felt like we have lived here and stored our things. Like I said, now I feel like we are moving in.

The biggest task was getting those dang bookcases built which then allowed us to unpack the bajillion boxes we have stored in the fourth bedroom. With that ball rolling I was finally able to give it a big ole push down the hill and empty the whole cursed room! Once the room was empty I then sorted, and sorted and sorted and sorted. We have two big yard sales and got rid of tons and all that was left I took to Goodwill. So if you are in the Marion area there are a lot of my cute leftovers that no longer fit into my already cluttered life just hanging out waiting to be bought.

That however is not what this post is about. Sorry for the rambling. This post is about how I change my cute, flowery, childhood desk into a crazy space that is now very functional for me as I work from home. (Which I will again say I LOVE!!!) I have been working at our kitchen bar so now to have this space I feel like our home has tripled in size and I adore it. I will do a full post on the room soon but again this is solely about the desk.

I had this desk from tinyhood and actually got rid of it back in High School but one day I was driving around a little town around here and saw a secondhand store. I had been looking for a desk and when I walked in and saw my EXACT DESK FROM CHILDHOOD, I just couldn’t refuse. It was one of those American Pickers “had to have it moments”!

I immediately called Aaron and explained the please please please let me get it. it fits perfectly and it is the same desk as a child situation. He was kind and said YES! It was $50 with a chair and was 10% because the store was having a sale on all furniture. I know that is more than I would pay at a yard sale but I am super happy with getting it for that cheap.

It sat in our garage for the last few months as we did the 4 million other projects around the house and traveled all over the bloody US, but now we are home and I was able to give this baby some love. I first wiped it down to get all the nasty off and then coated it in Citristripe. It is a yummy smelling gunk that strips paint. I left that for 30 minutes and then started scraping.




I took all the paint off with the exception of the top because it was sealed and I actually liked the idea of the white top. After it was nice and naked the way God made it I looked through my collection of paints and decided on this crazy teal color. It was between this and red and for whatever reason that day teal won!

It took me maybe 30 minutes to spray it all down and make it look the way I wanted. I did run out of paint but I think if I had started with a full can I would have been more than fine.




The next day I ran to Hob to the Lob to get new pulls. I liked the old ones but wanted something a little more crazy. However, I am keeping them and may eventually spray them a bright color and pop them back on just to switch it up every once in awhile. But back to the knobs…Hobby Lobby didn’t have any that fit and while I normally HATE the two knob thing I decided to try it.

I actually love it. The fact that each drawer is different is what I think I like.




So there you have it. I took a desk from cute and white to totally crazy and fun!  I will hopefully get all the room pics up this weekend. Fingers crossed but remember I am average so who knows when I will get to it.


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